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Joshua Wohl Family Law Attorney, Mediator, Collaborative Divorce Attorney, Denver CO

Wohl Law and Mediation

By offering smart, creative, and lasting solutions, Josh Wohl, Attorney and Mediator, will help you effectively resolve your family’s conflicts. We believe that clients, and not the court system, should have control over the dispute resolution process. We offer what clients value most during difficult times: quality service, privacy, efficiency, and substantial savings.Josh Wohl, Attorney, Mediator, Collaborate Divorce

Rather than wasting time and money posturing for costly and emotionally destructive litigation, we offer a solution-oriented approach to families in conflict from the very first day.  Whether as a  mediator for both parties, or as a collaborative attorney in the collaborative divorce process, we can help you to achieve a fair result without the cost and angst of litigation.

There are, however, times when litigation is the best, or only option.  When the courts must be involved, you can have confidence that we will refer you to a skilled litigator who will represent your interests vigorously and intelligently.

Divorce can be stressful and frightening.  Tension runs high, and emotional reserves are often limited.  At times like this, you need smart legal advice, and to know that you have a strong advocate in your corner.  You deserve honest, straightforward information, and compassionate, caring service.  What you do not need is a lawyer who ‘stirs the pot,’ needlessly increasing conflict with no benefit other than to the lawyer’s own bottom line. Spending $1,000 on lawyer’s fees arguing over a $500 piece of property benefits no one except the lawyers.

At Wohl Law and Mediation, we take the role of ‘Counselor at Law’ seriously.  While we do not take litigation cases, we advise you wisely. You want to know when to fight and when to compromise, when you are likely to succeed and when chances of success are small.  We help you assess the costs and benefits of conflict, so you can make informed decisions.

We also offer you many tools and techniques for avoiding unnecessary conflict and litigation.  If you prefer a ‘do it yourself’ approach, but want to make sure that you haven’t missed anything important, we can consult with you, review documents before filing, prepare you to appear in court, draft certain documents for you, or even make a one-time appearance in court with you.

If you and your spouse are committed to resolving your divorce amicably, and want a guide to the divorce process, or if you need assistance resolving post-divorce conflicts, we offer mediation.  We will guide you through the many decisions that must be made, and help you reach fair resolutions whenever you get stuck.  We can also draft all of the documents you will need to file in your divorce, from start to finish, or to complete a post-divorce modification.  Mediation is offered as both an hourly service, and as a flat-fee package.

If you are committed to an amicable resolution, but require more assistance and advice than can be provided in mediation, we offer Collaborative Divorce.  This is an inter-disciplinary, team approach to divorce, which protects your privacy and ensures that you do not wind up in court.

Whatever your needs, please contact us to schedule a consultation, to explore how we may assist you through this difficult time.

Our Focus

Josh Wohl focuses on providing family law mediation, collaborative divorce representation, and legal consultation on divorce and family law cases.  He also provides representation on marital agreements (pre-nuptial and post-nuptial).